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LIDL certifies the cold chain from the supplier to the store

Aenor has awarded for the first time in Spain the certification of the cold chain supply distribution chain.

Lidl has been well recognized and accredited by Aenor, the certification of management systems, products and services, for its systems assuring cold chain, from supplier to store, both for meat and for fresh fish.

According to the audits carried out, “Lidl maintains the controlled temperature throughout the supply process: production, transport, packaging and point of sale, ensuring the best quality of refrigerated products.” Aenor has developed a specification for each link in the supply chain, from the supplier, through stores and to stores.

Temperature controls (in workrooms, issuing merchandise, receiving and loading trucks, transportation, receipt and product exhibition and sales room), refrigeration equipment maintenance, calibration of control equipment, traceability and certified TPA( Transportation of Perishable authorization) of trucks have been thoroughly evaluated and rated by a total of 60 audits of all suppliers of meat and fresh fish Lidl, all the Lidl logistics platforms in Spain and a representative number of the more than 530 Chain stores have spread throughout the Spanish territory.


Source: Journal Aral. Published May 7, 2015


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